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LBSCR Crystal Palace (CP Stock)

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AC Electric Multiple Units

Although ac electric multiple units have been around for some time (since 1908 on the Midland Railway's Lancaster Green Ayre to Heysham line), they have not really caught on in model form. This is probably for a few reasons, such as the units being very line specific, problems with suitable model OHLE  and not much perceived interest in 'modern traction'!

A selection of 25kV emu's, Classes 350, 303, 313 and 310

However, they have always been an interest of mine, especially growing up near the WCML and later being a commuter using Class 304's, 310's and 312's. This is probably going to change in the future as more lines become electrified and people usually want to model what they remember.

Bachmann have started the RTR ball rolling with their excellent Class 350. Hopefully there will be others.

There are, or have been, a number of kits available over the years, notably DC Kits and Southern Pride Models. More recently, 3D printed bodies have been offered by various 'cottage industry' people. The Class 313 above is a good case in point. All the kits need a good deal of work to build, a four car emu is like building four locomotives, almost! The results are worth it though and fill a much needed gap on the 'modern image' layout.

Have a look at the links on the left to see what is available and the few I built or am building.