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The Prototype

CIÉ had at one time, plans to build six twin engined diesel locomotives using the Sulzer 6LDA-28 engine. The engines were bought and delivered to Inchicore, but the plan to build these locomotives was dropped. However, it was decided later to use these engines in different design of locomotive, the B101 Class. These twelve locomotives were built by the Birmingham Railway Carriage and Wagon Company (BRCW) at Smethwick, Birmingham in 1956. The Sulzer engine produced 960bhp and transmission was electric using Metropolitan Vickers equipment. The two six wheeled bogies are of the A1A-A1A configuration. All the locomotives were out of service by 1977 and were shunted into the Up siding opposite Inchicore Works to form a sound barrier along with B113 and B114. They were officially withdrawn in 1984, with all but one being cut up in 1987. The sole survivor, B103, is preserved by the ITG.

The Model

Only one model of the B101 Class has been produced, by Q Kits, many years ago. This was a one piece cast resin body. I have a couple of these kits which I have made up. The body dimensions are non to accurate, especially around the cab front area with the many compound curves. I used an old Hornby motor bogie for power.

Other Models

Studio Scale Models now offer a comprehensive kit for this class consisting if a resin body, etched and white metal fittings.

Silver Fox produce their own resin bodied model available as a kit or RTR in various liveries.