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CIE B113 Class

The Prototype

CIE built the two first mainline diesels in Ireland, the first in 1950, the second following in late 1951. Originally numbered 1100 and 1101 in the steam series, they were classified as Class C2a, powered by a Sulzer 6LDA28 diesel engine of 915bhp, with Metropolitan-Vickers electrical equipment. In 1956, the engines were up-rated to 960bhp and they were renumbered to B113 and B114 the following year. They were originally intended to be mixed traffic locomotives and worked between Dublin and Cork. With the arrival of more diesels from 1955, they tended to work freight around the Dublin area. Unfortunately the pair suffered from re-occurring brake faults which culminated with B114 running away. Modifications were made to the brakes but B114 never worked again. B113 continued to the end of 1974 before being stored. They ended up as part of the Inchicore Sound Barrier with their fellow B101 Class locos for a number of years. B114 was scrapped in 1995, but B113 survived for preservation. It was finally presented to the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum in 2011.

The Model

There has not been any form of ready to run, or kit of this class as far as I know. So I thought I was going to have to scratchbuild one. However, a casual glance through the Shapeways 3D printing website showed that Valve Design had produced a 3D printed body, so I duly ordered one. It is just the body only and a suitable chassis will have to be found/made. The print certainly looks like a B113 Class, although the print lines are quite visible (mine was an early print, they may be better now), especially on the curved surfaces, requiring a great deal of repeated priming and rubbing down to get smooth. The body wall thickness is quite thin and may benefit from some internal reinforcing. I haven't built this locomotive yet, but must get on with it.