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Buses are all part of the transport scene and needless to say, feature on my layout. My main interest is in 'Midland Red' buses (or to give it its proper name, The Birmingham and Midland Motor Omnibus Company Ltd, BMMO). This was the largest bus company outside London Transport and worked in the Midlands area.

The main distinction with 'Midland Red' is that they built nearly all their fleet to their own unique designs. Whilst this makes it very interesting, it causes problems in trying to model them! There are a few 'ready to run' items that have been available and a small number of kits. All the vehicles are finished off in the later type 'Midland Red' livery.

I realise it is a bit of a mismatch having 'Midland Red' buses running south enough to be seen with London Transport Underground, but hey, it's my layout! Another oddity of the bus fleet, is that they are all, or have been, based at Leamington (LN) Garage at one time or another and show services operating out of Leamington on their destination blinds. The only exceptions to this, is a model of a D10 underfloor engined double decker. I just fancied having one of these unique buses. The other is the N1 Leyland National. Leamington didn't have any N1's, but did get some later batches albeit in NBC livery.

The current fleet consists of the following:

S6 type Single Decker     -       Lancer Models


S15 type Single Decker   -       Lancer Models

5090 is a particular favourite of mine, I used to catch the L52 to school every morning!


S17 type Single Decker   -       Lancer Models


LS18 type Single Decker  -       EFE (Too short, will be replaced)


LS20 type Single Decker  -       Original Omnibus

(Wrong number of windows, will be replaced)

S21 type Single Decker   -        Modified PSG S22 kit

S22 type Single Decker   -        Modified W&T S23 kit

S23 type Single Decker    -      W&T Kit

S24 Leyland Leopard    -    Corgi

S25 Ford R1092 Single Decker      -     Paragon Kits

S28 Leyland Leopard    -    Corgi


N1 Leyland National         -      EFE

C1 Coach    -    W&T Models

C5 Coach                         -      Original Omnibus

CM6T Coach              -          Lowland Buses Models


LC11 Coach                     -      Original Omnibus


D7 type Double Decker     -     Lancer Models

LD8 type Double Decker     -     W&T Models

D9 type Double Decker     -     Original Omnibus

D10 type Double Decker   -     PSG Models

DD12 type Daimler Fleetline Double Decker


D7 Tow Bus     -   Lancer Models


More vehicles will be added as I get round to them!