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Class 103 Park Royal

The twenty 2 Car Park Royal diesel multiple units were ordered in 1955 as part of the Modernisation Plan. Delivered in 1957, they were built by Park Royal at the Crossley Motors works in Stockport. They were initially allocated to the London Midland Region at Llandudno Junction, but were moved in 1958 to Ryecroft (Walsall) for Birmingham services. By 1967, most had been transferred to Chester, the area they were synonymous with. Some sets were allocated to the St. Albans/Watford branches and later to the Western Region at Cardiff and Reading. The bodywork proved troublesome in later years with early withdrawals taking place. The last vehicles going by early 1983.

Three vehicles survive in preservation, 50413 and 56169 are at Helston whilst 56160 is privately preserved.

Silver Fox resin cab

My intended build of the Park Royal Class 103 DMU received a boost when I discovered these resin cast cab ends for sale by Silver Fox Models. These are perhaps the most difficult aspect of recreating this class. The idea is to use some Worsley Works etched brass sides and ends, with a suitable roof, mounted on Replica Railways suburban chassis with Southern Pride bogies. Not fully decided on motorisation yet, but the High Level Kits LoRider is a definite contender, hidden in the brake end.

Worsley Works currently offer a 'scratch aid' kit of this class. MTK also offered a kit of this class. Silver Fox offer resin cast cab ends.