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Class 120 Swindon Cross Country

Swindon Works produced three car cross country units for both the Western and Scottish Regions in three batches from 1958 to 1961. Featuring the distinctive two window front cab style, the first two batches had small buffets in the trailer carriage. The last batch for the Western Region did not have buffet cars. However, the buffet facility was withdrawn during the mid-1970's. Front end treatment varied from four lamps to a four character headcode. Early batches were delivered in Light DMU green.

My model is of a Western Region version with the four lamps. The kit is a DC Kits plastic kit which goes together very well. Due to a house move, the model had been 'lost' in storage and has only recently come to light. So, as it was fairly well advanced, I decided to continue to finish it.

The handrails on the cab front and bodysides have nearly all been added, made from 0.4mm brass wire. The solebar on the kit did not look deep enough to me and certainly too thin for mounting the footboards. Some 2mm x 1mm Evergreen strip has solved this problem. I think the DC Kits version is of the later refurbished fronts and lack the bottom centre light that the original build had. This has been added using 2mm round plastic rod. The bottom outer lights will be drilled out to accommodate some lighthouse type LED's.

The motor bogie is a Black Beetle unit and Black Beetle wheels have been used on the front bogie for additional pickup. Ultimately, a DCC decoder will be fitted in the brake end.

Silver Fox Models offer a RTR version of this class as a 3 car set. DC Kits currently offer a kit of this class. Craftsman Models currently produce a conversion kit based on the Lima Class 117. MTK also offered a kit of this class. Anbrico produced a kit of this class some years ago.