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Coventry Railcar

Following the trials with the Micheline Types 9, 11 and particularly the Type 22, it was decided to form The Coventry Pneumatic Railcar Company, which was a joint venture between the LMS, Michelin and Armstrong-Siddlley. Two railcars, broadly similar to the Type 22 railcar, they entered service in 1935.

Detail differences included the repositioning of the drivers 'conning tower' from centre to one side of the vehicle. This was due to the use of a specially built Armstrong-Siddeley V12 13 litre petrol engine being mounted in the car body rather than in the bogie. Twin leaf air operated doors were provided for the passenger compartment. The livery appears to be and off white upper and crimson lake lower. The monograms on the car sides read 'Coventry Railcar' with what appears to be a stylised sphinx motif, as used by Armstrong-Siddeley on their cars. Although popular with passengers, the LMS lost interest in the railcars and they were withdrawn in 1937. They were taken to the Michelin factory in Stoke-on-Trent were they survived until 1945 before being broken up.

Atlas Editions produced a range of French Autorails and Michelines , including the 56 place version, very similar to the Coventry Railcars. Although produced in HO scale, I thought I would have a go at one. The Atlas model is an unpowered static display model, but many of our French colleagues have successfully motorised them. Little appears necessary to modify the body apart from a repaint. To motorise it is a different question!

The model as bought in French Est livery.

So far, I have acquired the eight axles worth of 9mm diameter 'live axle' bogie disc wheels. Investigation into suitable motorising options are ongoing.