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The Great Western Railway introduced a series of streamlined single car railcars in 1933. These railcars proved to be quite successful and further batches were built. From number 19 onwards, the body style changed to a more angular pattern and these cars became known as 'razor edge'. Further variants were built including parcels cars and two 2 car units with cabs at one end only. They survived into the 1960's with three being preserved.

My model is one of the Dapol streamlined cars, W10, produced in late 2017. Although in chocolate and cream livery, it is the early British Railways version. Originally fitted with skirts over the bogies, my version depicts the type after they were removed.

The model is nicely produced and has a smooth running chassis. There are some minor issues, such as the model only features two horns, there should be four. This is easily rectified though. The model features working headlights, cab lights and interior lights. With analogue control, these can be selected by switches. It is a pity the interior isn't painted, but just a light brown, as it is clearly visible through the large windows and interior lights. Again, easily rectified.

The chassis features a 21 pin MTC type DCC decoder socket with Dapol recommending a decoder with a minimum of three functions. I opted to fit a LaisDCC 21MTC decoder (860019), which actually has six functions. When fitted, the functions are as follows:

f0 = Front/Rear directional running lights (On/Off)

f1 = Leading Cab Light (On when leading or Off)

f2 = Interior Lights (On/Off)


Lima produced a model of the later 'razor edged' single cars and the parcels version. Hornby have re-introduced this model. Anbrico produced a kit of the streamlined version. Worsley Works offer 'scratch aid' kits of the 'streamlined' and 'razor edged' single cars, the parcels units and two car units.

Recreation 21 produce 3D Printed bodyshells of cars 19-33, 33 (rebuilt as two car), 34 (single parcels car), 35 & 37 twin cars and 35 & 38 twin cars with buffet.