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Bagnall P51 4wPM

Bagnall 'Polar Bear'

Bagnall 'Sybil' 0-4-0ST

Hudson-Fordson Go-Go Tractor

Hudson-Hunslet 24hp

Hudswell, Clarke D29

Kerr, Stuart 30hp

Kerr, Stuart 'Wren'

Lister Rail Truck

McEwan, Pratt 0-4-0PM

Peckett 0-6-0ST 'Jurassic'

Ruston Proctor ZLH

Simplex 20/28hp with Cab

Simplex, Bow Frame 20hp

Simplex, Armoured

Simplex, Protected


McEwan, Pratt 10hp 0-4-0PM

McEwan, Pratt built a number of small 0-4-0 petrol mechanical locomotives during WW1 years. Some were for use by the WDLR as 18in. and I believe 2ft. gauges. Some standard gauge were also built. Somewhat resembling a steam engine, these locomotives make an interesting prototype.

I have been collecting information to enable me to build a 2ft. gauge version of this locomotive and have turned up some drawings of the 10hp version based on the former Abbey Light Railway locomotive. I have scaled them to actual size and it is very small! It will be a challenge, but I'm going to give it a go. To that end, I have sourced some 6 spoke 7mm wheels from KB Scale. These will have to have a section between two spokes filled in and a crankpin inserted. As for the rest of the chassis, there are a few options, but all based around a micro coreless motor driving a pulley to a layshaft between the frames. Both axles and the jackshaft will be driven. This will reduce the load on the connecting rod.