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The Locomotives

Rolling Stock

The Layout

Bord na Mona

The Narrow Gauge

I find industrial narrow gauge railways fascinating as my interest in the Irish Bord na Mona will testify (see Irish Railways). So, part of my main layout will feature a small industrial 2ft. gauge narrow railway transporting sand from a local sandpit to the standard gauge loading point.

The locomotive stock is being built up at the moment and will be a somewhat eclectic mix. Using modellers licence, we have the former Horwich Works loco's ZM9 and ZM32. ZM32 is already completed and is an altered Brian Madge Ruston LBT kit. A Kerr Stuart 30hp is complete as is a Husdwell, Clarke D29 type loco. Both these are Worsley Works Scratch Aid kits, both motorised with Brian Madge chassis. I have built a Nigel Lawton Bow Framed Simplex and am currently building a  Ruston Proctor ZLH and Armoured Simplex, or Tin Turtle.

Rolling stock is fairly simple being mainly Parkside Dundas Hudson V tippers. Other odd wagons of ex-WW1 are also present, such as the Class L Side Tippers, loco service wagon, some open bogies and bogie van.

Due to the size of these tiny locomotives, they are all 12V dc analogue.