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Bagnall P51 4wPM

Bagnall 'Polar Bear'

Bagnall 'Sybil' 0-4-0ST

Hudson-Fordson Go-Go Tractor

Hudson-Hunslet 24hp

Hudswell, Clarke D29

Kerr, Stuart 30hp

Kerr, Stuart 'Wren'

Lister Rail Truck

McEwan, Pratt 0-4-0PM

Peckett 0-6-0ST 'Jurassic'

Ruston Proctor ZLH

Simplex 20/28hp with Cab

Simplex, Bow Frame 20hp

Simplex, Armoured

Simplex, Protected

Ruston Proctor ZLH

The Ruston Proctor ZLH locomotive is another interesting little narrow gauge locomotive I fancied. They were built in 1918, before the merger with Hornsby. I'm quite a fan of Rustons, so when I saw this on Shapeways, I had to have it!

Painted and awaiting varnish and windows

This is a 3D Printed model as body only. It is designed to fit on the Kato N Gauge 11-103 chassis, a popular choice for 009 gauge a a good little chassis. The chassis simply clips in!


The model with front and rear beams added.

       The Kato 11-103 chassis with couplings removed.

Printed in what Shapeways call Strong white flexible material, it will be the first 3D Printed model I've attempted to complete (I do have a CIE B113 Class body lurking around!). The model has a somewhat grainy feel to it, but I am assured a couple of coats of primer will produce a good finish.

There is a hole in the cab area for some reason. Maybe it couldn't be printed? So, I am busy adding the interior detail making sure it clears the chassis, so a little compromise will be needed here. Some Narrow Planet Buffing Blocks are on order and will be fitted in due course.

Hopefully this will be a fairly quick and easy model to build, as it says on the website!

After a lot of priming and rubbing down, I eventually got to an acceptable finish to paint. Additional detailing such as riveted strapping, footsteps and axleboxes have been added.