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Simplex, Protected

The Motor Rail Company of Bedford built a number of 'Bow Frame' petrol tractors for the War Department Light Railways during WW1. The somewhat open nature of the locomotive left the driver exposed to snipers etc. In an effort to avert this, a variant was produced with the locomotive enclosed in a light armour. This was the 'Protected' Simplex. Another version with full armour was also produced, the 'Armoured Simplex' and this is covered elsewhere.

This model is a 3D print designed by 'rue d'etropal' obtained from Shapeways printed in Frosted Ultra Detail (FUD). I find this a better medium to work in and as the option was offered, I went for it.

The Protected Simplex hauling twelve skips

The difference with this print is that it models a 'Protected Simplex' with both side doors open. This is not something normally seen in OO9 gauge as it makes it difficult to place a motor anywhere. However, following on from my success with the chassis used on the Lister Rail Truck, it occurred to me that I could use the same chassis on this model and produce something a little different.

The 3D printed body and interior out of the box

The body has arrived with some nice separate interior detail. Having cleaned it up I will give it a spray of primer so that I can see what I am doing with it!

The body primed

The chassis

With the body now primed and the chassis acquired, I am now in a position to continue construction of this locomotive. Not a great deal needs to be done really. A suitable fixing for the chassis to the body is first to produce a running unit. The body will need a little bit more of a tidy up now I can see it properly in primer. Some additional rivet detail will be added in the form of the Archer Rivet Transfers that I have successfully used before.

The chassis was fixed to the body by using some 12BA set screws through the existing holes in the chassis. Extra weight was added around the inside of the 'skirt' of the body as well as a bit inside. Couplings of the Bosna type obtained from Narrow Planet were fitted fore and aft.  Painted in Railmatch Olive Drab, the body was then varnished with Phoenix-Precision satin. Number plates were obtained from Narrow Planet with a driver finishing it off.

An interesting build capable of hauling more than the real thing, it is nice to have achieved the 'see through' look with the doors open.