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The Prototype

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These five 0-6-0 diesel electric locomotives were built by CIÉ between 1946 and 1948 for shunting duties in the various yards on the North Wall. Based on the LMS/English Electric design, locomotives were fitted with the Mirrlees TLDT6 engine producing 487hp. Transmission was electric via two Brush traction motors. With the first two out of use by 1960, they had all stopped working by 1972. Officially withdrawn in 1976, they were cut up in 1977.

The Model

As the D Class were closely based on the LMS/English Electric design, I went for the easy option and used a Lima Class 08 as a basis for my model. Little has been done to convert the model, the cab roof has been extended back a little to produce the 'lip' and the small protrusion in the cab front for the handbrake has been added. Although adequate, the model is not a very accurate representation and another model, this time scratchbuilt, will be produced.