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Bagnall P51 4wPM

Bagnall 'Polar Bear'

Bagnall 'Sybil' 0-4-0ST

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Hudson-Hunslet 24hp

Hudswell, Clarke D29

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Kerr, Stuart 'Wren'

Lister Rail Truck

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Simplex, Armoured

Simplex, Protected

Hudswell, Clarke D29 4wDM


This design of locomotive was built for the New Zealand Public Works Department in 1936.

I quite liked the look of this little loco and thought I'd build one for my narrow gauge area. It is a Worsley Works 'Scratch Aid' kit and has gone together really well. As a 'Scratch Aid', some other bits have to be sourced. The obvious one would be the 'chimney' that Hudswell, Clarke liked to put on their diesel locomotives! Although the real thing used chopper couplings, I have used Greenwich couplers that fit in with the rest of the stock!

Having lurked on my workbench for nearly a year, the missing parts to complete the kit have become available. The chimney is a 3D print from Shapeways, specifically designed for this range of kits by Terry Bradley. Terry kindly rescaled it to 1:76 for me and it's now fitted. In fact, there are two as the second is intended for ZM9!

The power unit is a Brian Madge custom unit. This is a neat little kit that fits nicely under the body as observed at a recent show. A little modification was needed to get the frame to fit under the cab floor.

The worksplate is a custom etch by Steve at Narrow Planet.


The body completed and awaiting extra fitments. Next picture shows the 3D printed chimney added along with some buffing blocks more in keeping with my layout.



The D29 body sporting its red livery.



The D29 with additional painting (which will have to be gone over again!). Almost complete, the loco will have a Narrow Planet Hudswell worksplate added.