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Kerr, Stuart 30hp 4wDM

Kerr, Stuart of Stafford turned to making diesel locomotives in the late 1920's. This particular one represents one of the narrow gauge versions that was available as a 4wDM or 6wDM with 30hp, 60hp or 90hp McLaren-Benz engines. Transmission was mechanical by roller chains. I have chosen to model the 2ft. gauge 4wDM 30hp version.

This is a Worsley Works 'Scratch Aid' kit. Very reasonably priced and up to Allen's usual high standard, it is a basic body only. Extra detail has to be added and a drive unit sourced.

The basic body has been assembled. Extra detail has been added in the form of the control boxes on the bonnet sides and the two exhaust stacks on the top flat section and grab rails In the very open cab, some driver controls and the obvious handbrake column need to be added. The drive unit I have used is one of Brian Madge's excellent little units. A coupling has been added along with a Narrow Planet worksplate.

The Kerr Stuart kit parts assembled. The extra detail parts need to be added.



Rear view with handbrake added together with a front view with twin exhausts, grab handles and control boxes and rods added.


The painted Kerr, Stuart along with a Brian Madge Custom made chassis and again mounted on the chassis. A little more detailing and painting is needed, especially on the chassis. A Narrow Planet works plate will also be added.